VFX – Final Idea Pt.2

I’ve had some time to consider ideas. After focusing on the deliverable of making the end result believable but wanting a sci-fi/magical effect I settled on this for inspiration:

To summarise it for you without watching the clip, an energy ball floats along the surface of a road but a fake floor is layed on top of the footage to allow the light of the ball to cast light onto the road in the footage. Thus grounding the effect into the scene. I thought this may help with my predicament. I quizzed Gary on using the effect and the feedback was that it would require a narrative for being used in a scene, simply having a glowing light move along a surface wouldn’t be enough for the brief without context. So I began to consider scenarios I could cook up. Gary suggested the old trope of lights in the sky, which we can all quickly associate with aliens or an other worldly force.

My initial thoughts were multiple lights coming down from the sky slowly, settling for a brief moment and then dashing off into the distance using the above technique. However I thought having an effect on screen for too long would draw attention to it, making it look more fake the longer the scene went on. Instead I opted for a quick establishing shot that would hopefully have a little more impact. Here it is:


In storyboard order:

  1. An establishing shot showing the audience the scene and the person/actor involved. The person filmed will be waiting for something or simply doing some sort of idle action. This will last a couple of seconds to set the scene.
  2. The sky in the background will begin to show some electrical disturbance, maybe lightning to give indication of something on its way. 1-2 seconds.
  3. The clouds will break in the form of a shockwave and a light/energy ball or maybe even meteor will descend from above on a trajectory to the left of the shot. 2 seconds.
  4. The camera will switch to a closer shot of the person/actor but also showing down the path,road etc that they’re standing near. The previously mentioned ball will be a mere speck in the distance. *
  5. The ball continues to move towards camera while the actor is still unaware of any goings on. *
  6. The energy ball picks up speed and flies past the camera, illuminating the nearby area. * (*this entire sequence will be around 4-5 seconds).
  7. The actor will have a delayed reaction to the events due to the speed at which the ball passed. 1-2 seconds.

Exact timings will depend on the footage and how the effects work out but I’m hoping it’ll be no longer than ten seconds. I don’t wish to go over the recommended time allowed or have too much footage where very little is happening.

I’ll begin to film the footage for this over the Easter break and hopefully have results soon.



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