Break the Cycle – Animation Project (Pt.2)

Continuing from the previous post, I made a few timing tweaks to the existing five frames and put the keys back into splined to see how the overall feel changed before deciding whether I could safely move on or not, here is the result:

Changing the timing in my opinion looks a hell of a lot better and I’ll continue to plod on from here. Here a list of things need that consideration:

  • More feeling of weight
  • Follow through in the arms/hands
  • A little bit of rotation in the chest/shoulders

Honestly these are the types of things that as an inexperienced animator I would never even consider. I’d take one look at the current progress and think, job done, move on. Thankfully following the guide I’m using on Pluralsight, gives hints and tips for things to correct/consider on each pass of animation. A lot of these are usually very subtle in terms of movement but seem to make a big difference to the end result. So at this point I’m going to vanish, spend some time following their advice and return to post the results.


So here I am a day later with what I consider to be an end result. The Pluralsight lecture began to derail into more complex tools so I closed it all down, refined what I had thus far and here we are.

The weight issue was fixed by shortening the time it took for the feet to come down, rolling the toe and making the down position just a little bit more…down, for lack of a better description. Again it REALLY helped having a guide otherwise I’d have wrapped this up a day ago thinking it was perfect. The chest was animated with a minor rotation value which resets on the contact positions, the arms go backwards a little bit quicker than they come forwards and the wrists do have some minor follow through now, continuing on once the arm stops. So much to consider even doing something as simple as this but I’m pleased with the end result, I don’t know how successful the next animation will be (with less aid) but I just need to take the lessons learnt from this and keep them in mind. Subtle movements make a world of difference!

I’ll post a better loop of the cycles in the completed renders at the end.

Animation 2 – Character Waving

Yet again, keeping with the keep it simple stupid mentality and picking an achievable animation with the aim to make it look as good as possible. I didn’t want to make the most simple of waves however and thought I’d try something a little more energetic to add a bit of complexity.

After digging through the Survival Guide I couldn’t find anything on waves (maybe its considered too simple) so reference material seemed a little slim. Therefore I continued to tire out my dearest wife and had her standing on the spot waving in the office repeatedly, I probably should have recorded it for convenience but this seemed funnier.

This mostly seemed to break down to the arcs of the arms, minor follow through in the hands and some upper body rotation (or possibly just wobble) as a side effect of rigorous waving. Before I got ahead of myself though, some basic blocking.

In the moment I tried to add an excited little hop as Bony begins to wave, it hasn’t worked out too well (needs more keyframes) so far and the wave is a little short (will be copying and pasting some extra keyframes to pad it out) but I figured it didn’t hurt to show this rather than refine it first. We do have to document the process and sometimes I get a little bit…protective over showing rough unpolished work.

At this stage I fell into the guilty trap of dashing to the end with no progress snapshots (as per usual when I’m on holiday). However the process was simply knocking the blocking pass back into splined and slowly adding the principles I mentioned two paragraphs ago. Being as simple as this is there isn’t much else to elaborate on. Here is the end result:

After some holiday relaxation time, I’ll return shortly and post higher quality final renders to submit and wrap up this short project.



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