Animex AVFX – Day One

While it is towards the end of the year and a week out of my work schedule adds a tiny bit of stress onto my mind, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to spend a week at the Animex Festival learning from industry. The college had offered to take us for the Games side of … Continue reading Animex AVFX – Day One


VFX – Final Idea Pt.4

To catch up from last time I now have colour corrected, sky replaced footage and an animated ball of light travelling down a road. Time for further alterations! Now it has been a while since I posted and a lot has been updated, so apologies but I'm going to run through a lot quite quickly. … Continue reading VFX – Final Idea Pt.4

Analysis of Game Design Pt.2

How available hardware impacted design. ● Intended audiences for the game. ● Critique the game. Talk about game design, visuals, mechanics & performance. Shenmue Available Hardware at the Time Talking about the Dreamcast and its development could honestly take days. To shorten this I'm going to skip out on most of its earlier (failed) development … Continue reading Analysis of Game Design Pt.2