High Poly Pirates – Wk 4&5

Yes I admit somewhere within half term, week four of this post didn’t surface. I shall attempt to get you all up to speed this week.

Last week aside from some minor cleanup I mostly focused on trying to get the old hand holds into the door that is now the top of the desk. I knew this would end up becoming a boolean operation and was worried at what damage it would do to the mesh. As it turned out, not much when you’re getting pretty good at cleanup. Sadly I don’t have screenshots from the moment, just what remains in old save files.

Most of the issues were restoring edge flow that included the new boolean geometry which mostly boiled down to cutting away a section of tabletop and stitching it back together from scratch using the new edges from the boolean. Once this was in place a simple extrude and bevel later and our new hole had a handle.


Fast forward a week and I needed to crease all my hard edges to prepare the mesh for Mudbox, this would prevent edges that needed to stay hard from being warped. I vastly underestimated how much time this would take, thinking oh ten, fifteen minutes? It took most of a three hour session to achieve something ideal. New ngons were discovered which consumed some of this time, jumping up and down the quick smoothing views highlighted shading errors which usually meant an ngon somewhere. So this isn’t the most interesting or detailed blog post as I spent most of the day creasing and jumping up and down the quick smoothing views. Here is how it looks.


As a visual test to prove the creasing works, here is the finished low poly with a mesh smooth applied. Seems to be working just fine!


Sitting back I mulled over the UVs after doing an automatic unwrap and with some input from Matt decided that space could be saved on the map by stacking shells for the legs. This would mean both leg textures would be identical and I’d rely on variation in the tabletop to distract the eye. Now….this technique is another old nemesis of mine I’ve never managed to crack since the early days of the spaceships/room project. I know I need to take a half, layout the UVs and then mirroring geometry should stack the shells automatically, just a case of testing it. If I’m not entirely keen on the results I may just break the legs onto a seperate texture all together.

To kick off this process, I’ve detached the geometry of the legs from the tabletop and will work on unwrapping and mirroring one of them.


Till next week!



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