VFX – Final Idea Pt.3

I’ve had a bit of a break since my last posting, so quick update. I shot both scenes over the Easter break, sat on the footage for two weeks and then tried to key it. This didn’t end well, the day was so overcast and grey that so much out of the scene was being keyed out when removing the sky (I’ve opted to attempt a full weather replacement for extra detail). Thankfully due to starting the project early I had plenty of time, so recently ran out to re-shoot and the new footage is working a treat!

I’d originally planned to do a blow by blow of the process, but after getting involved in the project I realised I’d be here forever doing that. This wasn’t like the quick half an hour class tutorials, this was a far larger endeavor. So I’ll summarise the major parts.

Here are two stills from each of the camera changes in my scenes, as you can see they mirror the storyboard almost spot on (even if it took a bit of location scouting).

As I’ve already mentioned the new footage has keyed much easier thanks to a lovely bright sky that day, so I’ll skip over that process and show the sky replacement with colour adjustments.

The skys are all stock footage from the internet with a few speed alterations to keep them believable. I lost some minor parts of the original footage doing the key but layered sections back in to gap these holes. All of the footage was then hit with the same colour LUT I found online which was pretty good at stripping out the warmth from whatever it touched, along with this there was some manual tweaking using levels, curves and exposure on certain layers. Overall I’m pretty confident it now looks like a dark miserable day, perfect for layering some lights onto! As for flipping the second scene footage, it was a choice made to more closely reflect the Video Co-Pilot tutorial to make following along later a little easier.

For now I decided to take a break from staring at my footage and decided to start following along the VCP tutorial on making my energy ball. Gary had said we could use any assets we find online and while there are energy balls online from footagecrate that I could easily attach a light to, I wanted to make my own just to say I could. After an hour following instructions, I had this rendered out.

I continued following instructions afterwards given my footage was no ready to use. This involved setting up a new solid as a 3D layer and trying to layer it over the road so the perspectives matched. This was achieved by using a camera rather than moving the solid as it was easier to manipulate, the solid was then set to accept lights and its blend mode changed to classic colour dodge. The layer now blends into the road and gives the illusion that the light is being cast on the road itself.

The energy ball was imported to the composition with a hue edit, a new point light was created and the energy ball comp parented to it. Finally this was animated along the path of the road.


I’d show the video but I’ll leave that until the end when I’ll upload the completed project. Why spoil the surprise early, right? I shall return soon with further updates!


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