VFX – Final Idea Pt.4

To catch up from last time I now have colour corrected, sky replaced footage and an animated ball of light travelling down a road. Time for further alterations! Now it has been a while since I posted and a lot has been updated, so apologies but I’m going to run through a lot quite quickly.


Edits Made

  1. Made use of chroma keyed wind turbine footage found online, these were scaled, colour corrected and set in place.
  2. Added a farmhouse shack in the background from pre-keyed footage found online, scaled colour corrected and placed.
  3. Simulated the light passing the storage crate and the actor using blue masks and animating the outline.
  4. Added a stock lens flare from footage crate and boosted the intensity of its colour, also changed the hue to be more blue.
  5. Added a tail to the energy ball using a Particle CC World effect, getting it to follow the light was a massive pain which required some expression code (found online).
  6. A CC Drizzle and CC Rainfall effect were added, honestly this wasn’t part of my original planning but felt like adding it anyway. I currently still want this checked out by a lecturer if I have time for some feedback.

Again apologies all of that is a blur with little explanation, time is of the essence at the moment and I have to continue on with my second scene (which is actually the first). While I had tutorials to run from before I was now running solo and hadn’t yet put much thought into how I would achieve the meteor/energy ball descent from the sky. Time to get creative!

To kick off I had a dig around footage crate and youtube to see if there was anything pre-made and free that may be of help. While youtube did have a couple of pre-keyed meteors I thought this may be more appropriate:

After gathering a selection of shockwaves and electrical static from footagecrate I began some quick experiments to see what looked good. Given how short of a time the above energy beam was on screen for, the long tail made it look ridiculous and I ended up masking most of it out, parenting a new light to the front and adding another hidden solid into the clouds to show some of this light.

I added some electrical static effects to the clouds before the appearance of the energy ball, and a few layered shockwaves upon it entering. I did most of this in an hour during down time after finishing up the game jam assessment, I’ll give myself a pat on the back for that! After receiving some feedback, Gary suggested a couple of things:

  1. There needs to be some kind of reflection or highlight on the waters surface as this moves across the sky.
  2. The shockwaves need to have more impact.
  3. While the static electric is a nice touch the scene could either do with some actual lightning or lighting effects within the clouds to suggest the storm is above the cloud layer. I was directed to some recently posted video co-pilot tutorials to help me with this.

So problem one, masked a new light blue solid, feathered it and animated it across the water. Check one! Increased the size, opacity and exposure of the layered shockwaves. Check two! The next one not so easy, I followed portions of this:

Here is the end result:



As you can see I copied over the rain effects from the other scene, changed the rain direction and although its minor, added a floor plane on the road to catch the CC Drizzle.

At least in its current form before getting feedback here is the ‘finished’ piece.



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