Neon City Production Pt.XIII

Today will be a shorter update post as not much has changed since yesterday. A while back I had promised to make a timetable texture for the empty subway sign, as I'm now mopping up the last bits and pieces I'm responsible for it was time I tackled the job. After some brief googling I … Continue reading Neon City Production Pt.XIII


Neon City Production Pt.XII

We recently began to put cameras into the scene and have finally started testing shots out. In the process of this I noticed the streets were a little dark on a night and most of the building detail was being lost to shadow, even with the amount of lamp posts we have. As a quick … Continue reading Neon City Production Pt.XII

Creative & Technical – Final Post

A link back to all previous posts: Creative and Technical – Feedback Creative & Technical Model (Pt.2) Creative & Technical – Asset Review Creative & Technical Model (Pt.1) Since receiving feedback a month ago, I took an afternoon to re-render my C&T and make some alterations to my presentation sheet and hand in. These are … Continue reading Creative & Technical – Final Post

Neon City Production Pt.X

Since Thursday's update last week I've completed a couple of more signs for the environment along with an outdoor industrial style light for the outside of the residential buildings. This light wasn't initially something on the asset list however we discovered during the night there wasn't enough illumination around some buildings and this gave somewhere … Continue reading Neon City Production Pt.X

Neon City Production Pt.VI

After having put in a solid shift yesterday (alongside giving the rest of the team a hand) I have the basics of the store front modelled (as seen below). This asset will use a modified version of the residential door asset which I'll create later and currently has a separate mesh for the windows which … Continue reading Neon City Production Pt.VI