Synoptic – Pre-Production Pt.2

Part of today was spent hashing out the remainder of the asset list, the things we'd like to get done during stretch goals. This was much more of a team process than the MVP list as everyone had potential suggestions from new items to new potential puzzles. A few hours were spent refining these down … Continue reading Synoptic – Pre-Production Pt.2


Synoptic – Pre-Production Pt.1

  Being the first day/team meetup since the decision there was a lot of paperwork to get through, a team contract and division of work (which we would need an asset list for). For a little while I'll be working alongside Kelly to iron some of this out based on the MVP ideas from the … Continue reading Synoptic – Pre-Production Pt.1

Synoptic Pitch – Pt.3

Using the Sketchup file I started building last week, I completed my necessary storyboards at home. I have broken these down into the flow of three different simple puzzles we aim to put into the MVP. The black arrows on the storyboards demonstrate the flow between frames, the green arrows denote movement happening within the … Continue reading Synoptic Pitch – Pt.3

Imagined Worlds – Final Reflections

Ahh flu season, gotta love it! This should have been up the week of the presentation, many weeks ago, unfortunately I fell ill for three weeks and only just managed to recover enough for going back to college to begin the pitch process for the synoptic project. In all honesty (and Kelly agrees) I feel … Continue reading Imagined Worlds – Final Reflections