Synoptic – Production Pt.11

After many weeks of complaining and setbacks. the cabinet is complete with textures!


So pleased this is now behind me, it has felt like a thorn in my side for too many weeks. I gave myself two days in which to jump head first into the texturing and mainly figure out a solution to grain scaling. What I ended up with was keeping detailing to a minimum on smaller surface areas and really going nuts with exaggerated grain on the larger surface areas to prevent any obvious empty space. At least in my opinion this seems to have worked out. Oh and the normal stamps were courtesy of a pack Adam purchased off the internet which have come in handy for a few models now.

There has been no further progress on the smoking chair due to a visit from a recruiter from Ubisoft. We were notified before leaving last week that he would be in for a visit, therefore I dropped the project temporarily to begin compiling assets, getting new renders and stapling together something of a quick prototype showreel in hopes of feedback. However in doing so we have some footage of our game finally, so video dump time:

I will also be assisting the college in staffing a NextGen booth at this years Insomnia62, held at the Birmingham NEC. I’ll be leaving for that in two days alongside Kelly, Adam and Nikki. Therefore the project will take another partial hit to its remaining time.

Here is the progress from the rest of the team:



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