Synoptic – Production Pt.12

I had a few hours this morning to work on the smoking chair before Craig from Ubisoft showed up and that consumed most of the afternoon due to him wanting to see a lot of student work along with his presentation on career advice. Also being a Tuesday it was the team day to test everything in VR anyway which also takes up a good chunk of time.


While Craig’s visit mostly seemed geared towards kids going to University, we did get some advice as mature students looking for work. Mostly portfolio tips and I asked a few questions about transferring my current IT focused LinkedIn to a different profession. The team and I also presented Neon City and the barebones of Bleak Manor to Craig. He seems to think with my IT background and now games I’d have a strong chance to get my foot in the door as a QA tester and then work my way up. A reassuring comment from the recruiter himself!

Back to the project. After things calmed down in the afternoon we all discovered the joy of the normal strength value in Unity. Up until now all the normal detail on models seemed a little lack luster and hard to see, problem fixed by doubling or in some cases tripling the normal strength!

The normal strength at its default value of 1.
The normal strength doubled to 2. Making details a little more obvious.

Otherwise we packed up for the day and discussed travel plans for Insomnia62.



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