Easter Break – Self Improvement

Having been at Insomnia for five days I have no new work to report on for the project. So this week will be a bit of a personal post. A combination of Craig’s visit and Insomnia62 made me realise how close I am to finishing this course and then I’m thrown back out into the real world, so while at Birmingham I already started applying for jobs. These were a QA at Rockstar North, a QA for Ubisoft at their Birmingham Studio and a Junior Environment Artist also at Ubisoft.

While still at Birmingham we were rejected for the Rockstar position. It’s job hunting, its expected. Currently the other two are in review, it’ll be interesting to see where we stand amongst other applicants.

Anyway as my attention is suddenly pulled away from the safety of college and back to real world problems it came to my attention that I’ve not learnt a great deal from this current project and self development has therefore become a little stale. So I took the expensive jump I’d been holding back on and bought a new Academic copy of ZBrush 4R8.

Even armed with some paid for tuition from Pluralsight, my word am I confused. It is a completely different beast to traditional modelling. So far I’ve barely gotten through the interface and basic tools tutorials but I’ll plug away and hopefully come away with a basic understanding of how to use the software. For now, here is a silly head I chipped away at during the interface tutorials:


Here is what the rest of the team has been up to:



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