Synoptic – Production Pt.14

Half term is over and we return to another review. I spent most of the morning checking over existing assets and testing gameplay mechanics in the VR room with Kelly.

Thankfully the review went well as can be seen below:


Nothing much to report on in terms of advice, mostly just the expected you have two weeks until MVP, keep working towards that goal and make sure you’re already preparing the required artbook contributions.

The afternoon would also mostly be spent in VR. It had been two weeks since the team had last met, so a lot of MVP assets had to be reviewed and then added to the scene that team members had been working on over the half term. I’m still behind schedule on the chair and have not made a start on the remaining required modular wall pieces for the safe, windows and the actual windows. So this will be my priority for next week otherwise we can’t build a true MVP version of the room.

The rest of the team are mostly in a position of finished or finalising MVP assets and moving onto planned stretch goal models/artwork.



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