Synoptic – Production Pt.16

Today was quite the learning experience, my head is slightly battered I will admit. Even with the previous hours put into Zbrush, its still a strange and foreign beast to me compared to Maya. Tony ran me through importing a multi-mesh object, how to set it up and provided some tips on what brushes to use and how to begin sculpting an existing mesh.

This is the imported chair, you’ve seen it before:

The low poly smoking chair with its smoothing group turned on.

This is it now:


So far I’ve only managed to sculpt the back. While it may not seem hugely impressive I feel like I’ve climbed a mountain today in terms of taking in information relevant to working in Zbrush. I also asked about my upcoming hunter’s trophy model and what sort of mesh I’d need to prepare to bring in. Based on this information I’ll do my best to prepare a low poly deer head in Maya ready for this time next week. Organics has never been my strong area, so it’ll be a fun experience to tackle.

For now I’ll leave the chair to one side and with some luck might be able to wrap up both models next time I’m in with my laptop.


The rest of the team are mostly still involved with the tasks I discussed in yesterday’s post. Eve is making good progress with the artbook but I do need to provide renders of my work to her as currently none exist, at least not to the quality they should be for print.


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