Synoptic – Production Pt.18

Another Tuesday, another exploratory mission into Zbrush. The hunter’s trophy sculpt is now finished, however the chair is still in the same state it was last week. The deer took up the whole afternoon.

As a reminder, here is what it looked like yesterday:

The low poly end result (well half of it anyway)

Here is what it look like at the end of today:


This is one of those moments where I’m genuinely surprised at myself, seeing what I’m capable of when I put my mind to it considering what I had previously said about never having done an organic model.

The fur clumps were achieved using Adam’s furniture stamps he had bought to use in this project. It’s actually these two brushes combined:

It was an odd method to achieve the look but one that kept it from jumping too much into the realms of realism, making it acceptable for the project. It also really cut back on the required time to learn how to mimic fur in a program I’m still barely familiar with.

With further help from Tony I managed to retopologise the final mesh (yes those tris did cause issues in the end and were pinching the high poly in two areas), this would become my high poly and he also showed me how to remesh the high into a low. This new 3000 poly mesh would become my low. You can just about see the pinching in the still above in the middle of the forehead, the capture was taken just before the remesh.


The low was also unwrapped in Zbrush. While I’ll likely need to go through the process again, it was interesting to see how this was handled. Tony demonstrated how to use selection groups and have these used as a guide for unwrapping.


Now I just need to test the bake and texture it. Roll on this deer, I’m having a blast!


Due to further input from Gary this morning Kelly is trying to implement a lobby for the game which will teach the player how the controls operate before throwing them into the Escape Room itself. However at the moment this has been rolled back due to it causing some strange lighting issues. I’m sure she’ll look into this throughout the week.

As for the 3D team they’re all plodding along with stretch assets without any issues and the 2D team are still working elsewhere on the other project I’d previously mentioned and inbetween that adding to our artbook. All in all I still think things are going well BECAUSE:


We’re actually ahead on the burn down chart. We did drop a lot of stretch assets off the sheet last week, however this was necessary. We had ambitions far too great at the start and this has now been scaled back to something achievable.


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