A good morning, afternoon, evening or night to anyone visiting and reading!

I’m Marc and up until recently had a career as an IT Consultant. Due to the ever constant shift of corporate re-structuring, I was made redundant earlier this year which led me to some self reflection.

I had originally set out as a young teenager to get into the creative industry, not necessarily games but it was an option. I eventually changed focus to IT as the jobs were more plentiful, however I found myself at 29 walking out of a job and feeling like I’d missed my calling card, regretting my younger selves decisions.

I found a great local opportunity in the form of the NextGen course, funded and developed by industry to fill skill shortages in the creative sector and my name was down for enrolment the same week I walked out of my office for the last time.

Now here, I am enrolled on the course telling the whole two year story one post at a time. My personal influences will always be sci-fi with that dash of 1980’s dystopia. Feeling like a new man on a mission I’ll leave on this favourite quote of mine.

“And where does the new born go from here, the net is vast and infinite.” – Motoko Kusanagi, Ghost in the Shell