Synoptic – Production Pt.6

The cabinet was given a quick base colour as promised, along with in engine testing! The base colour was applied in Substance Painter using the Stylised shader from Substance Share that we had discovered during our initial pitch. You can also see that a few alpha stamps were tested on the model, mostly to … Continue reading Synoptic – Production Pt.6


Synoptic – Production Pt.5

As I promised myself yesterday the cabinet is complete (outside of mirroring the whole thing and making sure it welds together). I was worried I was going to go over the poly limit (3000) and I did initially but began identifying useless edge loops and hidden faces that would never be seen. Eventually I brought … Continue reading Synoptic – Production Pt.5

Synoptic – Production Pt.4

Tuesday over and I'm happy to report that my cabinet is finally looking like a cabinet, or at least the concept sketch. Fixing the bool geometry by hand thankfully wasn't too monumental a task and ended up looking quite clean, the remaining geometry was much easier and was rapidly finished. As of writing this the … Continue reading Synoptic – Production Pt.4

Synoptic – Production Pt.2

So modelling continued throughout today, I've managed to add a drawer using the method I mentioned in the last post, added geometry for the shelving cavity and added cabinet legs. The drawer is perfectly sized to the rest of the unit so should have a believably action once implemented into the game. I'm currently undecided … Continue reading Synoptic – Production Pt.2

Synoptic Pitch – Pt.3

Using the Sketchup file I started building last week, I completed my necessary storyboards at home. I have broken these down into the flow of three different simple puzzles we aim to put into the MVP. The black arrows on the storyboards demonstrate the flow between frames, the green arrows denote movement happening within the … Continue reading Synoptic Pitch – Pt.3