Neon City Production Pt.XVII

This is it, last team day before we present! Look at this wonderful checklist: I did say last week we'd get through it all, a massive well done to the rest of the team for chipping in as much as they have! The remaining sounds were done at home last night and every team member … Continue reading Neon City Production Pt.XVII


Final Portfolio/Showreel Feedback & Chosen Disclipline

This afternoon I delivered my final portfolio to all members of staff present and was given my grade for it. Here are my thoughts on the whole submission. Portfolio/Showreel A common mistake during the Christmas 2016 prep run for this was talking too long about your work and treading over ground the lecturers are … Continue reading Final Portfolio/Showreel Feedback & Chosen Disclipline

Year One – Contents Summary

This is a post bringing together all of my submissions to allow teaching staff easy access for marking. I'll categorise to each module. 3D Modelling 3D Room – Feedback Re-submission Low Poly Project – Submission High Poly Pirates – Wk 4&5(unfinished) Concept Art Robot Concept Brief -Developed Design Dystopian Vehicle – Final Animation Animation Ident … Continue reading Year One – Contents Summary

Break the Cycle – Animation Project Submission

The In-Progress posts can be located here: Break the Cycle – Animation Project (Pt.1) Break the Cycle – Animation Project (Pt.2) Honestly I was dreading this exercise after the keyframing issues that plagued the ident exercise, however it wasn't anywhere near as bad. A combination of pre-planning, research material and fully functional rigs (that I … Continue reading Break the Cycle – Animation Project Submission

Break the Cycle – Animation Project (Pt.2)

Continuing from the previous post, I made a few timing tweaks to the existing five frames and put the keys back into splined to see how the overall feel changed before deciding whether I could safely move on or not, here is the result: Changing the timing in my opinion looks a hell of … Continue reading Break the Cycle – Animation Project (Pt.2)