Sounds for Imagined Worlds – Feedback

Three weeks ago Tony asked us to listen to a piece of music and create a piece of 2D art or storyboard based on whatever it was we saw when listening to the piece. The musical track chosen was Led Zeppelin's Carouselambra. The piece I created is above. To me in conjured images of driving … Continue reading Sounds for Imagined Worlds – Feedback


Diegetic & Non Diegetic Sound

This is a quick blog post to explain the differences between diegetic and non diegetic which is a requirement for our Imagined Worlds project. This will make sure our sounds are integrated and have thought put into them rather than being stapled onto the scene at the end. Diegetic sound  These are sounds whose source … Continue reading Diegetic & Non Diegetic Sound

Neon City – Pre-production Final

We finished up on the pre-production for our Neon City project and we're looking to move into the production phases, where I'm going to focus completely on doing my 3D models: I'm going to continue working on the parking meter (which I'll post separately about), then move onto the buildings and other models that I've … Continue reading Neon City – Pre-production Final

Creative & Technical Model (Pt.1)

Modelling continues into the second year as a core module titled 'Creative and Technical Modelling'. This feels like an extension of the pirate project we began last year, taking as an idea through conceptual stages, into low poly, to high poly, baking and texturing. Thankfully this can be incorporated into our Imagined Worlds project and … Continue reading Creative & Technical Model (Pt.1)

Neon City – Pre-production Pt.II (Sketchup)

Having been introduced to quickly assembling and rendering pseudo line work drawings in Sketchup using existing assets, I thought this might be a handy way to generate some initial ideas for how we wanted the layout of our city street to look. Naturally we wouldn't be copying building designs exactly or using these assets, as … Continue reading Neon City – Pre-production Pt.II (Sketchup)