Neon City Production Pt.XIII

Today will be a shorter update post as not much has changed since yesterday. A while back I had promised to make a timetable texture for the empty subway sign, as I'm now mopping up the last bits and pieces I'm responsible for it was time I tackled the job. After some brief googling I … Continue reading Neon City Production Pt.XIII


Neon City Production Pt.VI

After having put in a solid shift yesterday (alongside giving the rest of the team a hand) I have the basics of the store front modelled (as seen below). This asset will use a modified version of the residential door asset which I'll create later and currently has a separate mesh for the windows which … Continue reading Neon City Production Pt.VI

Diegetic & Non Diegetic Sound

This is a quick blog post to explain the differences between diegetic and non diegetic which is a requirement for our Imagined Worlds project. This will make sure our sounds are integrated and have thought put into them rather than being stapled onto the scene at the end. Diegetic sound  These are sounds whose source … Continue reading Diegetic & Non Diegetic Sound

Neon City – Pre-production Pt.II (Sketchup)

Having been introduced to quickly assembling and rendering pseudo line work drawings in Sketchup using existing assets, I thought this might be a handy way to generate some initial ideas for how we wanted the layout of our city street to look. Naturally we wouldn't be copying building designs exactly or using these assets, as … Continue reading Neon City – Pre-production Pt.II (Sketchup)

Imagined Worlds Project

Our first major project for this year has begun, Imagined Worlds. This will be a group project over nine weeks, working on a set brief and should get us used to the trials and tribulations of team work and be good preparation for the Synoptic Project in January. There was a variety of briefs to … Continue reading Imagined Worlds Project

Final Portfolio/Showreel Feedback & Chosen Disclipline

This afternoon I delivered my final portfolio to all members of staff present and was given my grade for it. Here are my thoughts on the whole submission. Portfolio/Showreel A common mistake during the Christmas 2016 prep run for this was talking too long about your work and treading over ground the lecturers are … Continue reading Final Portfolio/Showreel Feedback & Chosen Disclipline

Year One – Contents Summary

This is a post bringing together all of my submissions to allow teaching staff easy access for marking. I'll categorise to each module. 3D Modelling 3D Room – Feedback Re-submission Low Poly Project – Submission High Poly Pirates – Wk 4&5(unfinished) Concept Art Robot Concept Brief -Developed Design Dystopian Vehicle – Final Animation Animation Ident … Continue reading Year One – Contents Summary

Analysis of Game Design Pt.2

How available hardware impacted design. ● Intended audiences for the game. ● Critique the game. Talk about game design, visuals, mechanics & performance. Shenmue Available Hardware at the Time Talking about the Dreamcast and its development could honestly take days. To shorten this I'm going to skip out on most of its earlier (failed) development … Continue reading Analysis of Game Design Pt.2